T LeClerc Xmas products

There are some T LeClerc products that were created exclusively for the Winter / Festive season of which we are down to the very last:
4 left x Liquid Eyeliner Platine
6 left x Poudre Secrete Atomizers
12 left x Winter Compact Powders

If you have customers who loved these products, now is the time to offer them a last chance to reorder them–first come first serve!

Search filters for showcases

It used to be that when you clicked on ‘Showcases / All’ you’d see all the showcases beginning from the first one you ever did. With the passing of time that list gets longer and longer it becomes difficult to see the most recent showcases.

So, now there is a date and status filter. When you click on ‘Showcases / All’ if show all the showcases starting from “today” into the future that have status=’Active’… of which there should be many ūüôā

If you want to see past showcases, just change the filters accordingly. Perhaps set the status=’Any’ in case you haven’t been setting it to Active, Inactive, Event Over, etc.

Host codes on the showcase detail page

NEW FEATURES for your Stylist Account

(a) Host codes on the showcase detail page

It used to be that you had to go to the Host profile page to find their discount code (that information is still there).

Now, we also show the discount code on the showcase detail page (where you set the start/end date and see all the guests).

Even better, now there is a [Place order] button next to the discount code. If you click on it, the discount code is automatically included in the order.

March Themes

Two big calendar events to inspire showcase stories this month are Mother’s Day (10 March) and Easter (31 March). Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for gifting – guests will be on the lookout for something to give to their mothers and mothers-in-law, and beauty products lend themselves as well to this kind of gifting as flowers and chocolates!¬† Easter is of course a chocolate fest, but soap, bath oil and even a cheerful nail polish also make a wonderful alternative to chocolate …

Something lovely for MUM …

Mother’s Day was made for scented candles, bath oils and luxurious body creams – this is a¬†chance¬†to tempt guests with¬†treats they would not usually buy for themselves:

  • guide guests towards pampering scented¬†products – ie Connock London’s Kukui Oil Scented Candle (above), Ruth Mastenbroek’s Hand Cream or Beatitude’s Bath Oil.
  • encourage guests to treat their mother’s or mother’s in law¬†to something they wouldn’t normally buy like one of the above luxuries?
  • encourage guests to treat themselves or get their partners to treat them – a well deserved present for getting the kids to school on time every morning, endlessly tidying up, cooking ..!
  • encourage guests to buy a beauty voucher, something their mothers could use to choose their own gift via our website.

Easter beauty ..

Surprisingly, not everyone eats chocolate! Easter gifts can be alternative:
  • bring out the brights: a nail polish like T Leclerc Sorbet Cassis cheers everybody up after¬†a long winter.
  • talk up bright nail polish as a way of getting guests to dip a toe into the trend.
  • guide guests towards pampering treats like soap, bath oil or a scented candle as alternative gifts.

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Testing links and pictures

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